[Volume One] Chapter Two

I again woke to screaming, and again it wasn’t my own. I wasn’t sure if I preferred it that way or not. Looking around blearily, I took in a rather curious sight- Dozens of bodies filled the room, each in the colors of Micheal’s house of Vord, and each armed and armored as though to … Continue reading [Volume One] Chapter Two


[Volume One] Chapter One

I watched, emotionless, as the blade carved through my stomach, releasing a waterfall of gore. There was no mirror in the room, but even without one I knew that my gaunt face showed no expression as the wet sounds of flesh hitting the ground filled the air. The pain was there, of course- Who wouldn't … Continue reading [Volume One] Chapter One

[Volume One] Chapter Fourteen

There is something about moving in the dark, something primal and powerful that surges from within one’s soul when they stalk through the shadows, secure in their power and knowledge. Power in every step, control expressed through every tight movement, hunger peering through the gaze of the individual that dared to make the dark his … Continue reading [Volume One] Chapter Fourteen