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Welcome to my little corner of the internet. This is where I, The Red Writer, create my stories and spread them far and wide. Here you will find all the stories I have written, as well as the chapters to the stories I am currently working on. The Table of Contents in the Menu on your right will direct you to wherever you wish to go. I do hope you find what you are looking for.

The Author of Eternity Synopsis:

“Do you want to live forever?”

The answer to this question is usually yes, despite the seemingly endless stream of cautionary tales based off such an offer.  But really, who can say no to an offer of immortality? To never grow old, to never get sick, to never die…

Once, Evren was a man who would have easily accepted such an offer. Once, he believed that he could never grow bored of living in a world so full of life, adventure, and mystery. So when he recieved a seemingly-miraculous offer from an ancient being, he didn’t hesitate to accept.

But every deal has a price, no gift comes without strings attached, and some might say that immortality is the greatest gift of all. Not Evren, though.

No, for Evren, immortality is naught but a curse that he desperately hopes to be rid of- No matter the cost.

The Wolven Blade and the Bells Synopsis:

“Love and Hatred are different sides of the same coin” is how the saying goes, I believe. However, the coin of love and hatred is far from the only coin that shows two faces. There is the coin marked with naivety and wisdom, alongside the coin belonging to scorn and respect, as well as the one representing trust and wariness. (Now, stick with me. This analogy is vital to understanding our story, despite its run-on nature. ) Here we have a coin, a regular coin for all intents and purposes. Except, this coin is marked a bit differently than a coin you are like to find elsewhere. One side of the coin is golden and clean, embossed with the beautiful face of a young woman with a kind expression fitted below her intelligent gaze. The other side of the coin is scarred and dirty, carved into the likeness of a young man with an easy grin and hard eyes. This coin, much like the others, represents a duality between opposites that are nonetheless intertwined more tightly than a drunkard and a tavern. However, this coin does not represent emotions like the others. Rather, this coin represents us and our story, so don’t go spending it just yet. Instead, I hear wedding bells. Shall we sit in? Its sure to be an interesting show. It is a marriage between fates, after all…

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Chapter Nine

A hurried glance over my shoulder revealed the amorphous shadow racing towards our party, which was moving pitifully slowly in comparison. I growled, then pulled my reigns up to slow my mount and grab for the book, inwardly cursing the last few days and their happenings for forcing me to rely so heavily and readily … Continue reading Chapter Nine

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